Fish Tales

  • Winter Fishing TIPS (why you should be fishing this Winter)

    With the fish schooling up, and anglers inside, the best spots to fish are often unpressured AND available for you in the Winter.  Use the TIPS below to help you Catch MORE Fish this WINTER!
    • Dress Appropriately
    • Check the Weather
    • Fish Warmer Water
    • Fish Structure
    • Find Moving Water
    • Downsize your Gear
    • Retrieve Slower
    • Tip your Hooks
    • Fish the Weather

      Read the ARTICLE to learn more!

    1. 3 REASONS to Fish in the RAIN

      Fishing in the rain can be some of the most productive fishing.  While the rain may dampen your mood, there are 3 MAIN reasons why you should fish next time it rains: Less Pressure, Less Visibility and a Hot Bite. Read to see why you'll catch MORE fish by fishing in the rain.
    2. The Dangle Difference

      All-American inline spinners handmade in the USA to ensure quality and durability.  The Dangle Difference: Cast Farther; Reach Deeper; Catch MORE Fish.

      • The BEST Fishing Lure of All Time

        Effective at drawing reactionary strikes, inline spinners have been relatively unchanged for over 85 years, and are widely considered to be 'the BEST fishing lure of All-Time'.  

        In this article we break down the features of the inline spinner (the 'flash' and the 'thump') and explain why they are so effective at catching fish.

      • Brass Spinner or Nickel Spinner?

        Brass and Nickel spinners are effective lures in almost any condition. Following these GUIDELINES you can maximize your success and catch MORE fish!

        Brass 'shines' best in low-light conditions (dusk/dawn, cloudy, murky and deeper water).

        Nickel is ideal in bright-light conditions (sunny, clear and shallower water).

      • French blade vs Inline blade. When to use each.

        Use the GUIDELINES below to help you identify the best spinner blade to use, helping you catch MORE fish.
        French blades produce more 'thump' and work best in low visibility (dusk/dawn, cloudy, murkier/deeper water).
        Inline blades produce more 'flash' and work best in high visibility (sunny, clearer/shallower water).