The BEST Fishing Lure of All Time

Inline spinners, which have remained relatively unchanged since they were first produced over 85 years ago, are widely considered to be “the BEST fishing lures of All Time”.

While Most lures rely on their ability to mimic natural prey to entice predatory fish to strike; inline spinners rely on their flash and ‘thump’ to draw reactionary strikes.

Reactionary strikes are defined as a fishes 'reaction’ to its natural instincts to attack (whether for a meal, or for territorial reasons). 

This ability to draw reactionary strikes is what makes inline spinners so effective.  Great at drawing bites, even when the fish aren't biting anything else, inline spinners belong in EVERY tacklebox. 

Below we will highlight the features of inline spinners and why they are so effective at getting bit.


The ‘Flash’

As the spinning blade rotates along the wire shaft of the inline spinner, it produces a bright flash; this flash, which imitates the shimmer of a fishes scales, can be seen from a distance (particularly in clearer water) to help draw fish in to investigate.  This makes inline spinners great choices when fishing new waterways, or trying to find where the fish are, as you can cover a lot more water quickly and help draw fish from a greater distance.  

*TIP: Anglers adding a slight pause, or twitch, in their retrieval can help to make the flash more erratic causing the spinner to be more enticing to predatory fish.

Did you know that matching the color of your spinner to your conditions can increase your success? 

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The ‘Thump’

The spinning blade of an inline spinner not only produces a ‘flash’, but also produces a constant 'thumping' vibration throughout the water.  This vibration can be ‘felt’ by predatory fish through their lateral lines (used to sense disturbances in the water).  This helps to make inline spinners effective in murkier water as the fish don’t need to see the lure to know it is there.  The ‘thumping’ vibration often helps to draw the fish in, and the ‘flash’ which resembles a fleeing baitfish will often entice the strike.

Did you know that the type of spinning blade you use can increase your chances of catching fish? 

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The Dangle Difference

Due to the effective nature of inline spinners, they have remained relatively unchanged since first produced over 85 years ago.  Enter Dangle Lures, an All-American inline spinner, produced and sold here in the USA! 

Dangle Lures inline spinners are designed heavier, while maintaining the traditional compact size, providing anglers with maximal water coverage.  These features allow anglers to cast farther, reach deeper and 'battle' stronger currents all while providing the effective drawing power of a spinner's ‘flash’ and ‘thump’!

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Ready to DANGLE?  Choose your fishing preference below to see which spinners we suggest!




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