The Dangle Difference

Inline Spinners are widely considered 'The BEST Fishing Lure of All Time' due to their effectiveness at getting bit. 

Dangle Lures spinners, which are designed heavier, give anglers the edge.  Every Dangle spinner is handmade in the USA to ensure durability and quality of the lure; and each comes with the Dangle Difference:

  • Increased water coverage
    • increased casting distance
    • deeper depths reached
  • Improved control 
    • improved casting accuracy
    • improved handling/control in strong currents 
  • Versatility
    • great for creeks, ponds, rivers, lakes and more!
    • great for power fishing, slow-rolling, jigging, pitching and more!

Our spinners range in weight from 1/16oz to 3/8oz.

Add the versatility of a Dangle to your tackle box today and enjoy 10% OFF your first order and FREE shipping over $25!


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