Brass Spinner or Nickel Spinner?

Dangle spinners are made of Brass and Nickel because of their durability and their reflective nature.  While both are effective in almost any situation, the general 'guidelines' below will help you identify the best times/conditions to use Brass spinners and the best times/conditions to use Nickel spinners. 


Brass Spinners

In general, Brass spinners are considered to be more effective further North and ideal for fisheries that contain yellow perch, brown trout and golden shiners (match the hatch). 

Brass which 'shines' best in low-light conditions, are great choices when fishing at dusk and dawn and the BEST choice when fishing on cloudy days (hence the saying 'brass will make the clouds go away'). 

Brass is also the go-to when fishing in murky water and deeper water, as these water conditions lead to lower levels of light penetrating the water columns.


Nickel Spinners

In general, Nickel is considered to be ideal in fisheries containing white perch, shiners, rainbow trout and shad (match the hatch).

Nickel performs best in high-light situations; making them best suited for fishing clearer and shallower water and the BEST choice on sunny days as the flash is more visible and natural in brighter conditions.


Final Thoughts

Both Brass and Nickel spinners are great reactionary baits that are effective in almost any condition.  By matching the color of your spinner to the conditions of your fishery you can maximize your success! 

Remember, the guidelines above are great references for starting points, however, not all fisheries and days are the same; study the fishes reaction to the spinner and adjust your approach as needed.


Did you know that the spinning blade you use can effect your success?  

For more information on which spinning blade you should be throwing, check out this article: FRENCH BLADE vs INLINE BLADE. When to use each.


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