About Us


Our mission is to create more fishing opportunities for all-anglers by enhancing lures designs and educating future anglers.


To create the next evolution of fishing tackle.


Two teachers, Mike and Zach, on summer break found a spot harder than any other. One fishing spot was the start of Dangle Lures. The bigger fish were deeper but the current was too strong. Multiple trips and multiple attempts turned out unsuccessful. When they didn't find the lures they needed, they decided to make their own. 

Once they had some lures made, they went back to that spot and lets just say the rest is history. The success was so obvious they began trying them everywhere. Soon that was the only thing they were throwing. Playing devils advocate, they tested it against other lures, from jigs to crankbaits. Sure, they caught fish on everything but the amount of water and distance they could cover set their new lures apart. The more they fished, the more the gap grew between other lures and Dangle Lures, more water meant more fish. 

Playing devils advocates again, they began giving out lures for random people to try. The results of others mimicked their own. So they took the idea and ran with it. 

These are the Dangles Lures you see today.