3 REASONS to Fish in the RAIN

A productive day of fishing starts with smart planning.  Experienced anglers know that to maximize their success they must consider numerous factors including tides, water temperature, moon phases and weather.  The latter perhaps being the most important in terms of anglers safety (safety first, especially when on the water).

While the rain may dampen your mood, and keeps most anglers inside, the rain actually benefits you as an angler.  We do not recommend fishing when lightning and thunder are present; however, a little rain never hurt anybody (especially if you wear a rain jacket).  Below are 3 reasons why you should fish in the rain.


3 REASONS to Fish in the RAIN

1. Less Pressure.

As stated previously, most anglers get discouraged by the rain and decide to stay inside.  That means that even the most pressured fishing spots are often left abandoned for the 'die-hard' anglers; something you can capitalize on.  With less anglers out and about, you can fish more efficiently by targeting the best areas and fishing them thoroughly. 

2. Less Visibility.

Each individual rain droplet causes a ripple on the surface.  While this makes it more challenging for you to see the fish; it makes it equally as challenging for the fish to see 'out of the water'.  Meaning the fish are less likely to be aware of your presence, making them more susceptible to biting a lure.

3. Hot Bite.

The fish don't mind the rain, they're already wet.  Rain washes insects, worms and other small prey into waterways providing easy meal opportunities for hungry fish.  Target moving water, wind-blown banks and structure for the best success.


The next time Mother Nature tries to 'rain on your parade', just go fishing instead!

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