Why Dangle?

Basic Info?

Dangle Lures are All-American and heavier than any other inline spinner in existence without any extra size. Never pick between size and distance again. Dangle Lures gives you both: the small sizes you trust, only heavier. If you want a bigger size, we have options for that too; those models easily cast over 30 feet.

The How and Why are Dangle Lures heavier?

Dangle Lures all-metal (not lead) design keeps the lures small but adds weight that gives you the edge over other anglers. By increasing the weight, Dangle Lures provide anglers with increased casting distance, and deeper depths reached; thereby, maximizing your time fishing 'in the zone'. Additionally, you now have the option to "pitch" or "flip" spinners more accurately, squeezing in tight pockets others can't.

Size Comparison

Lure Parts

-Stainless steel wire to prevent rusting making the blades spin easier.
-All-metal (brass and nickel) bodies for increase weight.
-No paint or epoxy for a natural tarnish (Our testing proves fish like that better)
-Eagle Claw Hooks for consistently better hook-up ratios

All-American, what does that mean?

All of the lure parts, tools, and assembly are sourced and produced in The United States. 

What's the difference between you and the other guys?

Being teachers we are always trying to improve. That is what Dangle is all about: Improving the lures we love to use. We wanted to cast farther and fish deeper, you know, where the big boys live. When we couldnt find something that worked, we decided to make our own.